Flandreau Indian School

Spiritual Resources

Our chaplain,  group activities, and information on community churches available here!


Chaplain Available

At the request of the Flandreau Indian School Student Body a full time Chaplain/Religious Coordinator has been made available to the school. You are invited and welcome to drop by the Chaplain's office at your convenience. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am-5 pm.  After school, students may make phone calls, or stop by and just  visit. On Wednesday evenings at FIS students are invited to participate in the activities provided by the Chaplaincy program.  

The  Chaplain's office is located in the Home Living Building, room number  114. 


Bill Britton, Chaplain
Phone: 605.864.8625 or 605.997.3773, ext. 2175
Email: fischaplain@gmail.com


Group Activities

During the school year, there will be many and varied Religious Activities open to all the students. Every Sunday Worship Services are conducted with and for the FIS students beginning at 2:00 pm in the Tea Room. After worship, students are welcome to stay for fellowship time. 


Flandreau Churches

Students of the Flandreau Indian School are always invited and welcome to attend any church in the community of Flandreau.