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Learn campus rules and regulations for money at Flandreau Indian School.  

1-800-942-1647, ext. 2119

Money cannot be kept in the dorm unless it cannot be deposited in the Student Bank immediately. In case money must be kept in the dorm, the counselor on duty or the supervisor in charge of the dorm will make sure that the money is deposited into the student bank on the next banking day.

Budget slips will be written for cash withdrawals exceeding $20.  The Student Services Director will sign off approving the budget slip.  Receipts will be required for purchases. If receipts are not provided, budget  slips will be denied for one week (7 days).

Absolutely no one will cash checks or pick up Money Grams money wires except when the Student Bank is open Monday through Friday. We do not accept personal checks or Western Union.

The following Flandreau Indian School Personnel are authorized to accompany students who have occasion to cash checks, money orders, etc., in the local places of business:

Rogene Crawford


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