Flandreau Indian School

IRG (Intensive Residential Guidance)

To better help students, Flandreau Indian School offer an intensive residential guidance dormitory program.  

Intensive Residential Guidance Dormitory Program

The Flandreau Indian School Intensive Residential Guidance Dormitory Program  is structured and organized in an effort to have a meaningful program available to the Flandreau Indian School students. The primary purpose is to assist the students with demonstrated chemical abuse behavior, poor academic achievement and attendance, and severely disruptive behavioral and emotional problems.  

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Flandreau Indian School dormitory program is one of opportunity. These students are all in a critical period of personal development.  Therefore, it is important that they have a range of services and programs available. These services are designed to provide the resident with a consistent and therapeutic structured environment which will  assist them in their behavioral and academic problems.  

Activity Card

These services will include individual, group, and a combination of  individual & group counseling. The basic philosophy of the Flandreau Indian School dorm will be to help students have positive experiences. These experiences will  focus around a central theme of structured personal experiences of  success on the part of the student. This concept will be carried out through both counseling and recreational activities. 


Staff in the dorm will be engaging the resident in a planned consistent manner designed to implement this philosophy. Built into the program here at Flandreau Indian School will be an evaluation tool which will allow for both quantification of resident improvement and continuing program revision as areas of difficulty are identified. 


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