Flandreau Indian School


Here are the answers to many of the questions you may have.

frequently asked questions

1. Do the (students) need to bring personal hygiene products?

 Yes // Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. No aerosols, any toiletries containing alcohol.  

2. Do we supply the bedding?

Yes // If students wish to bring their own they can (i.e., pillows, comforters, own sheets and towels.) 

3. Does the student do his/her own laundry?

 Yes // Laundry soap is provided. 

4. Is there any way to earn money here?

 Yes // Students' Work-Study jobs. Students must earn Gold Card first in order to apply downtown if there are any openings (part-time). 

5. Does the school pay for the students' way home at holidays?

Flandreau Indian School pays for student travel four times a year: 
1) To school at the beginning of the year; 
2) Home for Christmas break; 
3) To School from Christmas break; 
4) To Home at the end of the year.

Other travel is paid with some exceptions.

6. Do we take students off campus?

 Yes // On various outings (ex: shopping, movies, Best Behavior Zone outings, etc.). 

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