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Take a look at our upcoming events. We try to stay active at Flandreau Indian School!


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Admission application for our Flandreau Indian School is now available!


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Flandreau Indian School

Indian Education


The Flandreau Indian School in South Dakota has an excellent array of teachers, teacher-coaches, and support staff.

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Student Life

Our student life is active, fun and healthy. Learn more about clubs, counselors, food service, home living and see our calendar. 

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Photography, Photoshop, FREAKOM, Computer Animation & Design, Weight-Lifting, Indian Club, and more!

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Get involved with our South Dakota sports program! Learn more about our sports programs, schedule and more.

About Flandreau Indian School

Who We Are

Flandreau Indian School is a public, off-reservation boarding school operated by the BIE, serving Native American high school students across the US. 

Located in Flandreau, South Dakota, Flandreau Indian School provides Native American youth the opportunity for a quality education. 

Our Goal

The Flandreau Indian School in South Dakota strives to provide an effective learning place so that students will eventually take their rightful place as participating members of their community. 

Our vision includes providing a safe and healthy environment disciplined by adherence to Native American cultural values and practices whenever possible. All staff members are active lifelong learners which enables them to work effectively with our students and their tribes, parents, and communities. 

All of us must work together to prepare students for a productive life in South Dakota and surrounding states. 

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Flandreau Indian School

1132 N Crescent St, Flandreau, SD 57028, USA