Flandreau Indian School


Your Counselor is the person to whom you can go when you have questions and problems. They are not only good listeners, but they are often able to help you work out difficulties as they arise. Flandreau Indian School has Counselors who help you with academic and personal problems. Each day there will be a Counselor on duty in each dormitory. You will find them in the second floor office in the dorms. 

Academic Counselors

  •  Derek Burshiem (Students names N-Z), ext. 2179.
  • Zonya Frankin (Students names A-M), ext. 2178.
  • Angie Rotter (Exceptional Ed.), ext. 2184.

Dormitory Counselors

  • Girls Dorm:  Travis Hendrickson, ext. 2118.
  • Boys Dorm:  Art War Bonnet, ext. 2140. 


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